Support A Struggling Artist

Trying to make a living doing the thing you love certainly isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but I hope one day to be able to. Until then, I would love your support to keep that dream alive. If you like my writing, and want to support me, you can purchase my books at the following links, and on Amazon! Thank you for your continued support, and I hope you enjoy my contribution to the creative field of writing.
Divine Intervention:
Daeza, the Shimmering Jewel of the East, is home to many different races, but one Terran girl in particular is about to have her life turned upside down by a man she’s only just met, and his mysterious companion. Without much choice in the matter, and her own safety hanging in the balance, she’s suddenly dragged into a story that will change her life, and most likely change it for the better. With a prophecy hanging over her head and a promise from the boy with blue eyes, Beatrix is about to find out that there is more to life than school and parties. She will learn the most important lesson of all: that some things are worth dying for.
Available for purchase here: and on Amazon.
Labyrinth of the Hidden:
In this collection of short stories, the reader is taken on ten journeys that vary from macabre to magical, and include a wide range in between. See the world through the eyes of a super-villain, or venture into the life of the girl who travels through time. From a detective in Cardiff, to a history professor from a land full of magic, there are many different characters waiting to be met, and many stories wait to unfold. The Labyrinth leads to many places, and there will undoubtedly be one that suits you.
Available for purchase here: and on Amazon.
Straitjacket Memoirs:
Traverse through a world of wonder and mystery as these three tales take you on a journey into the macabre. From the haunted hallways of The Queen Anne’s Institute for the Criminally Insane, to the quaint grounds of the Quinn Family’s Capricious Carnival, these tales are sure to thrill and excite! Follow the journey of two Magi, a Carnival Ringmaster, and a brood of Vampires as they all seek to protect what they love most, and find where they belong.
Available for purchase here: and on Amazon.

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