Scarlet Stars

Starlight glimmered in the vast ocean of midnight space, the small ship bobbing along in orbit, engines rumbling warmly as the shutters shielded the pilot from prying eyes. Lights blinked in lazy rhythms, a heartbeat to show the passing cargo cruisers that it and the pilot were still alive. Several inquisitive passersby had already attempted to make contact with the ship, but had been met with silence.

On the inside of the shutters, condensation ran in little rivers of warm water, dripping down onto the floor of the ship. Curled at the center of the command deck, draped over the Captain’s chair, lay a long, slumbering figure.

Ebony hair pooled over her arms and rippled along the curve of her back, her breathing deep and even. The bright red of her skin contrasted with the black of her surroundings. A long, barbed tail flickered back and forth, her fingers twitching as she dreamed.

Another hail reached her ship, and her eyes fluttered open. Slitted pupils scanned over the console until they landed on the single flashing light. She uncurled from her position shifting sinuously out of the chair and over to the console, stretching out to depress the COMM button.

“This had better be important.”


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