Yellow Brick Road

Scarecrow, yes, he got his brain
So he’ll never want for knowledge again–
He knows Aristotle and Arithmetic,
His brain just keeps going– Just won’t quit!
And although dear Scarecrow’s learned a lot,
There is one thing, now, that he’s forgot–
For as his brain gets more smart,
Scarecrow forgets he has a heart.

And Tinman’s finally full of feelings,
He can laugh and cry like real human beings.
He feels things now he never felt before–
The thrill of love, the want for more–
But dear Tinman, lost in emotion,
Got all caught up in true love’s devotion
Not so bad a thing, that’s true–
But Tinman will outlive the one who said “I do”.

Guts he found, that weren’t there before–
Then a hunger for battle, a thirst for war.
Your people, your people, they no longer sing,
Not of their cowardly Lion, nor courageous king.
Instead they weep for what they had–
A cowardly Lion, melancholy & sad.
A gentle ruler, timid and mild–
Not this monster, ruthless & wild.

And Dorthy hides, now, all alone,
Clicks her heels, and thinks of home.
Ruby slippers, long since shattered,
Taking with them the things that mattered.
No more witches, good ones or bad
All just memories, some happy some sad.
She dreams of all that she had before–
She dreams of not being in Kansas anymore.


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