For The Admiral’s Eyes Only {#02}

Iratosh stood with his arms folded, tongue flickering out curiously to taste the air around him as the room buzzed with energy and conversation. Technicians hurried back and forth in fluttering lab coats, eyes alight with glee as they poked and prodded their prizes.

The heart sat on a pedestal to one side of the room, wires and circuitry flowing out of it like lifeblood, the black organ twitching every now and then when a technician walked by and tapped at the containment jar experimentally.

The brain, on the other hand, took the spot of pride in the center of the room, a blue glow surrounding it as it bobbed in the clear liquid. They had yet to try and connect with it, aware that any attempt to do so might be met with resistance. They would likely only have one chance to make the connection, and so had waited until the Admiral had arrived.

“Admiral Ankiline?”

The Repatian turned to look at the Apatian woman who hovered by his elbow, an eyebrow flicking up at her as she smiled.

“Doctor Beryl?”

“If you would, please, step back behind the barrier. If anything were to happen, we would prefer it not happen to you.”

Ankiline let out a soft chuckle and nodded, following her behind a clear barrier that covered one end of the lab. He sank into one of the seats; arms still folded, and watched the technicians buzz around the heart for another few moments.

“We’re ready to begin, Ma’am.” An aide scurried over, speaking in an undertone. “Just give the word.”

The doctor nodded, once, then tapped her fingers against the screen before her, pulling up a chart. The heart’s diagnostic information was there, blinking in multi-colored lights.

“Let us begin.”

Ankiline yawned behind a large, scaled hand, tongue flickering out to taste the chemical-laden air. His nose wrinkled at the acrid taste and he lowered his hand back to his lap, watching as the doctor and her aides peered at screens and numbers, interpreting data as it flickered across screens at unimaginable speeds.

He knew approximately 5% of what the information was, cell structures and blood analysis, but he played at paying attention to be polite to Beryl and her staff. After all, it simply would not do to have an Apatian on his bad side, let alone a brilliant one like Rae Beryl.

After another few frantic moments, the staff stilled, and Iratosh perked up, shifting his attention back onto the doctor, his smile sharp.

“Find anything of use?” He asked.

“Many things.” She replied, tail flicking back and forth excitedly. “But you do not care for hearts, do you, Admiral?”

He grinned, inclining his head. “You know me so well, Doctor Beryl.”


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