This and That {Different Things}

“Just so we’re clear, this is not a date.”

Axel blinked, an eyebrow winging up as Zeva pointed a finger accusingly up into his face, her eyes narrowed suspiciously. She had closed the door silently behind her before she spoke, hearing the lock click into place to add finality to her words.

“I wasn’t under the impression it was anything even resembling a date.” Axel replied, choosing his words carefully. “I’m just a fellow crew-member ensuring our Boson stays healthy by eating.”

Zeva gave him an once-over with her eyes, avoiding his gaze as much as possible, and gave a sharp nod of agreement before she started for the lift, arms folding tightly across her chest.

“I don’t bite, Zeva.” Axel followed at a safe distance, giving her the personal space she needed to remain comfortable.

She threw him a look over her shoulder, getting a grin in return, and snapped her gaze back around to the ground, muttering under her breath.

“Never can be too careful with Enforcers.”

She jabbed the lift button viciously, glaring at the pulsing blue button as the lift came to their floor, winging its way half-way up the building to reach them. Axel stayed at arm’s length, looking out over the balcony toward the upper south side, where all the ritzy people with their expensive penthouses floated through the starless sky. Each unit looked like a miniature planet, orbiting the larger housing structures that housed the less affluent members of the upper side.

“At least you have a nice view.” He managed in a soft voice.

Zeva glanced back at him, catching the way his eyes reflected back the glittering lights, her breath catching at his soft smile. She knew, even from here, he could probably hear the mechanics humming as they kept the penthouses moving in orbit, antigravity repulsers propelling them in a circuit across the city’s skyline.

“It shines through my window at night.” Zeva replied, returning her gaze to the lift doors. “I pay less for the flat because of it.”

“Win-win, then.” Axel grinned.

Zeva shrugged, her arms loosening as the doors opened and she slipped inside. She waited for Axel to join her before she pressed the button for the ground floor, still avoiding looking at him.

“It’s alright.”


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