For The Admiral’s Eyes Only {#01}

Admiral Ankiline glared pointedly at the blinking light on his N.A.V.I.A, feeling a headache beginning to form between his brows. He tapped at the screen, receiving the message, forked tongue flicking out irritably as he spat out his first question.

What now?”

Iskandar was wearing an expression Ankiline had not seen in a very long time, the Apatian’s lips twitching up at the corners as his tail flicked back and forth behind his chair.

“Nice to see you too, Iratosh.” He greeted.

“Yes, yes, warm fuzzies all around.” The Repatian snapped. “It’s my day off, Dryden. Make this quick.”

“A file landed on my desk this morning, marked F.A.E.O. I thought you should have a look at it, since it concerns one of your Enforcers.”

“Wonderful.” Iratosh rolled his eyes, waiting for the inevitable. “Who, what, and when?”

“Axel Ghislaine, as it happens.” Iskandar was not even trying to hide his amusement, now. “Dancing. Last night.”

Ankiline was two syllables into his curse when he stopped short, peering at the Admiral on the other end of the line.

“He was what?”

“Dancing.” Iskandar repeated, a grin tugging at his lips. “On a bar top, no less. Quite the show. Should I send it over, in case you decide he needs a formal reprimand for, ah, unsuitable conduct?”

Yes.” The word was a hiss, the Repatian’s eyes lighting up at he shared a grin with his fellow Admiral.

“I thought as much.” Iskandar chuckled. “His Captain is aware of the situation, naturally. She took the video in question.”

Iratosh laughed, throwing back his scaled head. “Nothing like family, eh?”

“No, there really is not.” Iskandar grinned. “It should be arriving shortly. Have a good rest of the day, Admiral.”

“Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Admiral.” Iratosh grinned. “I will deal with the Enforcer in question forthwith.”

The connection clicked off and Iratosh settled into his favorite chair, curling up to fit his lanky frame into the heated, cocoon-like seat. As the heaters clicked on and started to pour heat through his bones, his N.A.V.I.A screen lit up once more, informing him that a new file had arrived.

He opened it, imputing his pin and password in to unlock the confidential file.

“Okay, so, this should be getting sent to Admiral Iratosh Ankiline, Federation head of the Enforcer Division.” Captain Harper was holding the camera steady as she spoke into it, pulsing lights throwing glare into the lens as she darted her gaze toward a spot out of frame. “I would like to go on the record as saying I had nothing to do with the current state of affairs, nor do I condone it in any way.”

There was a brief span of black as she moved through the crowd, covering the camera, the distant music suddenly jumping into full clarity, an alternating heavy and light bassline driving the pulsing crowd and flashing lights.

The camera came back up to reveal a very familiar redhead atop the bar, moving to the music, hands over his head as the crowd cheered him on and he laughed and sang along with the song blaring around him.

Ankiline hummed low in his throat, chuckling to himself as the Captain called up to her brother and asked how he was feeling.

Amazing!” He called back over the music, spinning in place before helping another girl up onto the bar top.

Ankiline continued to watch, laughing at the Enforcer’s continued antics.

“Well, of all the interruptions into my day off, this is certainly the best.”


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