Current Mood: Sim Sala Bim

Are you off somewhere reciting incantations?
Sim sala bim on your tongue…

Everything had changed since the last time he had taken a trip around the world. Things moved faster, with more light and noise, everyone in a rush to get somewhere, meet someone, do something. No one took time to simply enjoy the world around them anymore.

What a pity.

He was floating down a little side street when he caught sight of her, strolling along, looking at the leaves as they started to change color. She was listening to music, taking her time, and he realized maybe life wasn’t all the hustle and bustle he had first thought.

After all, here she was.

He kept quiet at first, slipping her his vessel while she wasn’t looking, so as she slept he could watch over her, peer into her mind, see what she dreamed of. She dreamed in bright colors and scenes taken from stories he remembered from childhood, things he thought the world had lost he found in her once more.

She noticed him almost at once.

He thought perhaps he hadn’t hidden himself well enough, but it was soon apparent she was far more observant than he had given her credit for. She saw him even while he hid in clouds of mist and shadows, asking for his name, where he had come from, what he wanted.

All things he had no answer for.

He kept his distance, still, kept watching her as she would go about her day, including him with looks and comments she would toss over her shoulder as he drifted along behind her, a blue wraith watching her world spin around her. He had no answers for her yet, but he began looking for a new name to match this new Mistress, a name she would enjoy saying, could call whenever she needed him. Something to reflect her personality onto him.

And then he found it.

She was singing, dancing freely through her room, laughing along with the music, and the lyrics left her lips so sweetly, he thought for a moment she had called his name already. It seemed natural, then, to take his new name from her world, from the songs she sang and the things that made her happiest.

After all, that would be his task now as well.

He stood before her that night, corporeal, bent at the waist to stare at his bare feet, powder blue braid drooping over his shoulder, and told her his new name, etching it along the edge of his vessel as the words left his lips.

“Simsalabim, Milady.”

“Sim.” She laughed, lifting his head, holding the golden locket close to her heart, filling him with warmth as she cherished the fragile vessel. “Nice to meet you.”

What makes me love you despite the reservations?
What do I see in your eyes
Besides my reflection hanging high…?

Song of the Day: Sim Sala Bim by Fleet Foxes


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