Current Mood: Waiting for Superman

She’s talking to angels, counting the stars
Making a wish on a passing car
She’s dancing with strangers, falling apart
Waiting for Superman to pick her up
In his arms yeah, in his arms yeah
Waiting for Superman…

He smooths back his hair, adjusts his tie, checks the time: he still has twenty minutes, it’s a five minute walk from the office… He does the math in his head as he replaces his glasses and double-checks his appearance. He doesn’t think he’s much to look at, sleeves rolled up and tie loosened around his collar.

They’re just getting coffee, he reminds himself for the tenth time in the past hour, it’s okay if he shows up in his just-got-off-work clothes.

He spots a slice of vibrant blue at his neck and quickly does up another button, swallowing thickly as he smooths down his shirt and tucks it tighter into his waistband, relieved he caught that before someone else did.

He checks his watch again, out of nervousness, and heads out of the cramped bathroom, nodding to his boss as he swings by his desk to collect his briefcase. He checks that his desk is cleared, computer off, files organized, and then heads for the elevator, checking his watch again.

Ten minutes.

He feels his phone buzz in his pocket and checks it, a text from her: Don’t forget tonight!

He runs a hand through his hair, calms his heart, reminds himself again that they’re just getting coffee, as friends, and presses the down button, summoning the elevator. He steps in, checks his watch, presses the button for the ground floor and tells himself to calm down.

It’s just coffee, Clark.

He’s in the elevator when he hears the sirens down the street. He holds his breath without meaning to, listens. Fire-engines and a patrol car. No ambulance. He lets his breath out slowly, closes his eyes and hones in on the police scanner he knows his boss keeps in his office.

We’ve got a 10-57 on West and Main, ambulance required.”

Hit and run on West and Main, a five minute walk from the office.

He barrels up out of the ceiling hatch on the elevator, closing it back before he zips off, tugging his tie and glasses off, cramming them into his briefcase as best he can, dodging cables and trying to remember how he last got out of this particular elevator shaft.

He doesn’t have much time.

To lift her up and take her anywhere
Show her love and climbing through the air
Save her now before it’s too late tonight
She’s waiting for Superman…

“You got here fast!”

“I was nearby.”

He dodges around the crowd to try and see who was hit, the driver of the car wrapped around the telephone pole not far down the street, the tow-truck operator that had slammed it there, the people giving statements; none of them are her.

“Has everyone been accounted for?”

“Yeah, yeah, we got em. Bookin’ the Trucker for property damage, but he said he was expecting that. Seems like a stand-up kinda guy… If you look past the part where he slammed a guy into a telephone pole, I guess.”

He barely hears the officer, spotting a familiar face through the window of a coffee shop on the corner. She’s got her chin propped on on hand, looking out the window, phone sitting on the table in front of her, watching the world pass her by.

“I appreciate you coming out and all, but I think we’ve got it wrapped up here. Thanks again, though.”

“Yeah, no, you’re welcome.” He manages, seeing her start to stand, panic flooding his chest, making it tight. “If you need me, call.”

“Haha, yeah, I’ll do that!”

He takes off, kicking himself as he swings by the rooftop where he left his bag, hurrying back into his just-got-off-work clothes, checking his phone to see another text; I’m here! Booth by the back corner.

He shoves on his glasses and forgoes the tie, hopping down into a back street, booking it toward the coffee shop as quickly as he can. He skids around a corner, almost ripping the door off its hinges as he pulls it open, looking around the interior of the shop for her.

She’s not in the booth by the back corner.

He goes to it anyway, glances around, through the walls, finds her checking her hair in the bathroom mirror and lets out a slightly hysterical laugh that he quickly cuts short before anyone can ask him if he’s alright in the head.

She reappears a few moments later, frowning at her phone before she looks up and catches sight of him.

“Oh! I was just about to text you. You okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, just got caught up in that accident down the street.”

“Oh, yeah, I saw that. Everyone alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, I think so.”

He catches sight of a patch of red peeking out of his briefcase and he quickly shoves it back in as she sits down, putting her phone away and smiling brightly at him.

“So, uhm, why did you want to get together?” He asks, hoping he doesn’t sound too nervous or out of breath.

“Oh, well, I thought we could get to know each other a bit more, you know?” She shrugs. “I don’t know much about the elusive Clark Kent, and I think I’d like to.”

He swallows thickly, getting lost in her smile as he adjusts his glasses and tries to think of something to say.

It’s not just coffee, Clark.

“I’d like to get to know you better, too.” He manages finally, smiling shyly.

“Good! Now, I hear they have really good danishes here, but I think I might have to test that theory myself before I really believe it.”

He laughs, almost relieved, and earns himself a raised eyebrow from her. He shakes his head, pinching the bridge of his nose before thinking better of it and returning his glasses to their usual position, snatching up a menu to hide behind.

“Rough evening, is all. It’s nice to have the chance to relax.”

She smiles, bright and inviting. “Good. This is my treat, Clark, so get whatever you want.”

“Oh, no, I can’t let you do that.” He deflects, shaking his head.

“Well, then you can take me out, next time.” She winks, grinning. “Okay?”

It’s definitely not just coffee, Clark.


To lift her up and take her anywhere
Show her love and climbing through the air
Save her now, before it’s too late tonight
Oh like the speed of light
And she smiles…

Song of the Day: Waiting For Superman by Daughtry

Superman/Clark Kent is the intellectual property of DC Comics, Jerry Siegal, and Joe Shuster


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