Current Mood: The Seven Sisters

Celestial bodies set on courses to collide,
I split myself into stardust; atoms divide.
Vacuum-packed wishes fall from my lips,
All lost to this: the last of my extraterrestrial trips.

“The Northern Lights can hear me whispering.”

Derelict my body sails on like a ship,
Lost in the sea of endless night, losing grip.
Drifting out of rescue’s reach,
Praying, praying there will be no breach.

“Hunter Orion, are you listening?”

Patterned planets circle in perfect time,
The universe continues on with its rhythm and rhyme,
Oblivious to one lost soul in the vastness of space,
Oblivion enveloping one little dreamer so out of place.

“Nine rings of Saturn circle endlessly.”

Named, now, each constellation becomes a friend
As I drift closer and closer to what will be the end.
So far away from my earthly home,
I find a corner of heaven all my own.

“And I’m still waiting.”

Water falls in droplets from hooded eyes
As Seven Sisters sit circled in thrones on high,
Watching my consciousness float off into the night.
Stars surround me, a beautiful, boundless, final sight.

I cast my hope upon the Pleiades.”

Gaseous forms twirling, dancing, ever bright,
Heavenly daughters crowned in light.
They sing to me a song so sweet and kind;
It eases the mounting dread that devours my mind.

“The Seven Sisters who would come for me.”

As a child I would look up into the stars,
And wished to sail through them, past the moon and Mars.
From the beginning, this had been my goal,
But I never thought to pay this toll.

“They’d fall to earth to grant a child’s dream.”

Floating, weightless, I breathe my last,
Abandoned by my future, my present, my past;
My journey tied up in a silent scream,
As I fade away into my childhood dream.

But I’m still waiting.”

Song of the Day: The Seven Sisters by Celldweller


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