Current Mood: I Need Some Sleep

Head full of thoughts too heavy to lift from the pillow,
Everything swirls together and I try my best to let go.
Emotions and memories wrapped up in lead-lined limbs
That refuse to move, even for the most fanciful of whims.
My head, my heart, my soul–too much, too much to control.
Here I am, sinking into this black hole.

“I need some sleep.”

Makes everything better, that deep black oblivion,
Sweet release comes now, and I give in.
I dream in colors too bright to name,
My pain falls away along with my shame,
I am remade with wings of light,
I am a new creature at the end of the night.

“I need some sleep.”

Music box tunes bubble up in my mind,
I can stop and take a moment, rewind,
Go back to the way things were before,
Before you came knocking on my door.
I reset my clock, turn back all this wasted time,
Become who I was, when my heart was still mine.

“I need some sleep.”

I bury these feelings, these memories of you,
I become someone better, someone new.
I sleep away my pain, all this hurt that’s inside
I erase you from my life, from my heart, from my mind.
Deep sleep comes and sweeps you away,
I awake to a new me on a new day.

“I need some sleep.”

Song of the Day: I Need Some Sleep by Eels


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