Wolfish Red

The ravenous Wolf would stalk
His prey along dark streets
And amiably they would talk
Each, with a toothy grin, he would greet.
With sharp grins and tawny eyes
He haunts his prey through the night
He charms with wide smiles and pretty lies
Mouth wide, waiting for a bite.

Into the woods he tries to lure
All the girls that walk the streets;
His every intention vile and impure,
A threat to the virtue of all he meets.

Now Little Red was very cute,
Easy on the eyes and ears
(The point was fully moot),
She’d learned a thing or two through the years.
Now, The Wolf, he wanted Little Red.
He smiled and coaxed and charmed her like so:
“Pretty one, in that fine coat, you’ll look ravishing in my bed”
And just like that, off with him she did go.

Little Red, head spinning, couldn’t see what lay in store
The Wolf, with greedy mouth and hands,
He planned for a night of pleasure and so much more;
So he took Little Red and showed her a night that was grand.
And in the morning, she lay in his bed
Her coat of crimson was crumpled on the sheets
As The Wolf licked the blood from his lips, he said:
“This is what happens to a girl who walks the streets.”


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