“If I’m not dreaming, I’m gonna be real upset.”


“Toni?! What are you doing up? Go back to bed!”

“Not till… Dax, what are you doing?”

“I think you’d probably call it tinkering.”

“…If I’m not dreaming, I’m gonna be real upset.”

“I swear, I’ll put everything back right where it came from. Just… go back to bed?”

“And if I say no?”

“I’ll scoot over and give you a sonic screwdriver.”

“Scoot over.”

“Sorry for the mess…”

“Is this my hydro-engine?”

“If I say no, will it get me into less trouble?”


“Then yes, it’s your hydro-engine.”

“There’s not much left.”

“To be honest, there wasn’t much to start with… It’s kind of a wreck.”

“Yeah, but it was my wreck. My hydro-electric wreck, to be specific. Dax, what did you do to it?”

“I took it apart… I know this is your forte, but I need to get better at it. Sorry if I ruined it.”

“No, it’s fine… But you could have just asked. I woulda been happy to teach you.”

“I know you’ve been really busy.”

“I’m never too busy for my partner, Partner.”

“Thanks… Next time I’ll ask.”

“You can ask this time, silly. Now hand me the sonic. I’ll show you a thing or two about hydro-electrics.”



Thank you.”

“Welcome. But this is more about my saving my wreck then your hide… Though, I wouldn’t wanna lose that, either.”


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