“I’ll go get my earplugs.”

“So, I heard a really big boom… Kinda made me nervous.”

“Oh, sorry. I’ll shout something, next time. Fire in the hole? Cowabunga?”

“Big boom, now?”

“Oh, I like that one! …Sorry, Dax, I’ll warn you next time.”

“It’s fine, Toni, just wanted to be sure everything was alright.”

“Yeah! You know me. I always love a good explosion.”

“Usually they’re quieter, though.”

“Implosion grenades aren’t quiet.”

“Where did you get implosion grenades? And, more importantly, why are you setting them off in the house?!”

“It was an accident?”

“You accidentally set off an implosion grenade in the house where we live?”

“Oh, calm down, nothing imploded. Or exploded.”

“I heard it!”

“Let’s pretend that didn’t happen.”


“Yeah, Dax?”

“It happened.”

“What did? You’re making no sense. Hand me that repulsion modulator, would you?”


“Big boom, now.”

Great. I’ll go get my earplugs.”



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