“Yeah, no, it’s totally normal.”

“Hey, Edmond?”


“You going down the store? Pick me up some wolfsbane, will you?”

“Dante, I don’t think…”

“Yeah, no, it’s totally normal. I need some for a thing.”

“Well thank you, that cleared everything right up.”

“No, Edmond, I mean… I need it for a potion. You know?”

“Yes, I am aware of what you’re trying to say, I’m just wondering why you tried to say it in such a convoluted way.”

“Because I’m shy and awkward and I ran out without realizing it.”

“And there’s none in the garden?”

“You think I leave poison plants just lying around? Jeez! What kind of gardener would I be, if I did that?”

“One who doesn’t need the butler to get him more supplies.”


“Heh… I apologize. Yes, I will get you some wolfsbane. Anything else you need? Hemlock? Belladonna? Mistletoe? Nightshade?”

“Don’t say Mistletoe and Nightshade in the same sentence, she’ll get the wrong idea.”

“Do you need either, though?”

“Nah, that I have. Just the wolfsbane.”

“You leave poisonous plants lying around like that? What kind of gardener are you?”

“The kind that can still tan the butler’s hide, if need be.”

“Right, wolfsbane, I’ll be back shortly.”

“Thanks, Edmond.”

“Anytime, Dante.”


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