Fire Sale {Part Five}

As much as Wren would deny it later, getting lost on the way back to the Mansion had made him really, genuinely scared at the time. It was one thing to get lost in a mall, or even a forest, or a hedge-maze, but getting lost in the mountains in a different dimension sort of took the metaphoric cake in the Let’s Get Lost game of life.

“How did we even end up here?” He asked, once again shielding his eyes as he looked out over the mostly-charred landscape and tried to recall when they had gone from green, rolling hills to barren cliff-faces and brimstone.

“I believe the more pressing question is how you intend upon getting home.” Drayce was reclining against the rocks behind them, eyes shut as he soaked up the rays beating down on them and seemed completely unperturbed by the sudden (not-very-pleasant) turn of events.

Wren looked at his brother, the older Armande hunched over maps and muttering to himself, and then nudged him with his foot, signing to him.

What do we do?

We find our way home. Raven replied with a shrug, as though it should have been an obvious answer. If we cannot, we could ask Drayce to–

“Dude, we are not asking the dragon for directions.” Wren blurted out before he could stop himself, shooting a glance toward said dragon in case he had somehow hurt his feelings.

Drayce, however, merely cracked an eye open and looked at the pair of them. “Were we in your world, I would have no problem scenting out and flying us back to your Madam’s side. However, even my powers are limited to finding a needle in a single hay-stack. I cannot be expected to find one in an entire field of them.”

Raven looked rather pleased, and Wren knew an “I told you so” would be coming his way later.

In the meantime, they had a reality to hop back to.

“All of this for a pendant…” Wren muttered, crouching down by his brother to inspect the maps. If something had gone wrong, it was likely because they had used the wrong runes, or–

“When you have lived as long as I have, you become sentimental.” Drayce interjected, a hand straying to said pendant and clutching it tightly. “Forgive me for making so simple a request or two talented young humans. I thought you would be up to the challenge, given how often you bring your Madam presents yourselves.”

Raven had that smug look on his face again, and Wren did not like it.

“Drayce.” Wren began in his most pleasant tone as Raven started drawing a new magic circle, this time checking the runes three times before he continued. “When we get back, do you want me to help you wrap that for her before you present it?”

The dragon gave him a toothy grin that reminded Wren not to mess with mystical creatures, no matter how peevish they were being.

“That would be most kind of you, Wren.”

You win. Wren signed to his brother once Raven had finished the circle and stood up. Next time we’ll ask directions.


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