“Well, I do moisturize.”

“You know, William, there’s something very… Interesting about the way you dress.”

“Madam, my clothing is hardly worthy of any note. I simply prefer to look my best when I am, as Mordecai would put it ‘on the job’. You also dress up when you have important duties to attend to, do you not?”

“Well, yes, I suppose so, but… I don’t know. There’s something different with you.”

“How so, Madam?”

“Edmond wears a suit too, but I’m sort of used to that. And he only wears the jacket when we have guests, but you… You go all out, every day.”

“One would think you would be used to it by now, Madam.”

“And yet here I am, marveling over your appearance.”

“And once more, I must remind you that there is nothing particularly noteworthy about my appearance. A suit is a suit, Madam, there is nothing outstanding about the one I am currently wearing.”

“You’re wearing a cravat today.”

“Mordecai stole my ties.”

“It suits you.”

“You think so, Madam?”

“As Mordecai would put it ‘you don’t look half bad for a dead man’.”

“Well, I do moisturize.”



“Did you just make a joke?”

“It is not outside the realm of possibility, Madam. I have been told my sense of humor is rather witty; when I choose to employ it.”

“Mordecai’s rubbing off on you.”

“What a dreadful thought.”

“Why did he steal your ties?”

“He did not provide an explanation beyond a cackle and a shriek of ‘you’ll have to wait and see’.”

“…You chased him, didn’t you?”

“He had the audacity to run outside before I could catch up to him.”

“That cur!”

Madam. This is not a joking matter.”

“You’re joking matter.”


“Admit it. That was pretty good.”

“It was not half bad.”

“Well, I do moisturize.”


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