He found her sitting by the edge of a lake deep in the woods. Her knees were drawn up to her chest, toes digging into the dirt and her face hidden from view. Her shoulders weren’t shaking, which was a good sign, but she had always been good at covering it up when she was upset.

He sat down next to her and removed his shoes, imitating her posture, sitting close enough to touch her shoulder with his. The lake was glowing, the bio-luminescent organisms having been awakened by something recently. Edmond assumed that she had gone for a swim before sitting here, or perhaps just waded through the shallows to give herself some light. Either way, the clearing was filled with soft golden light that danced through the trees and over her sunset hair.

Another set of footsteps approached them through the trees, and Nightshade took only a moment to look at the situation she found before she joined them on the ground. She was already barefoot, and slipped her toes into the lake, humming as the warm water lapped at her feet.

Purple light started to flicker in with the gold, and the lady of the house lifted her head slightly to look at it. She watched, curious, as the light pooled out from where Nightshade’s toes were dipped in the water.

“How?” She inquired in a whisper.

“They react differently to divine beings,” Nightshade smiled, shifting so her shoulder was touching her Madam’s.  “They like you though, I’ve never seen them shine so bright for so long.”

“Madam, why did you come out here so late? I would have thought you would be tired after such a long day.”

Edmond’s question was purposely vague, but she knew what he was really asking. It was an honest question, really, she had slipped away without telling anyone where she was going, and they had naturally been worried about her.

“I went for a walk,” she whispered, slipping her arms around theirs. “I got lost.”

Without a word, both angels leaned in and kissed their Madam on either cheek, earning a squeak of surprise from the girl.

Nightshade laughed, resting her head on the girl’s shoulder, and Edmond smiled brightly at her. “You’re never so lost, that your angels cannot find you.”

Mizuki rested her head atop Nightshade’s and smiled out at the purple and gold swirling surface of the lake. “What a reassuring thought.”


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