Fire Sale {Part Two}

“He does not resemble any kind of dragon I have ever seen before.”

“Maybe you just need to get out more.”

There were jewels embedded in his pale arms, and two curled horns rose like bent spires from his forehead, crowning his raven locks in majestic ebony. His eyes were two pools of molten lava, hidden under long lashes and ashy lids. His tongue, when it protruded from behind razor-sharp teeth as he devoured his meal, was dark and forked, resembling a snake’s. His nose was flatter than most and held slit-like nostrils that snorted smoke whenever anyone got too close. His talon-like nails scraped against the counter where he sat and the glass he drank from, sending chills down the twins’ spines as they sat and watched him tear into the roast lamb. His ears were pointed, more so than any other creature they had come across, and long hair swept down his back like a silken cape.

“Where did you find him?” William asked, peering over the tops of his glasses at the new arrival. He took note of his every movement, scratching down his thoughts in a small notebook.

“A place called Kerishtadt,” Wren handed over the map he had purchased at the marketplace. “It’s a few dimensions away, but it’s a beautiful place. Madam would have loved it.”

“The mountain ranges there are home to… this type of dragon.” Raven explained. “They look like this while dormant, but they can morph into the usual dragon shape when they decide to terrorize a village or help win a war. They are considered revered and sacred creatures.”

“How ever did you manage to catch one?” Will asked, looking over the map.

“He was bored.” The twins answered in unison, shrugging.

The dragon gave a rumbling chuckle of approval, the deep bass making his glass vibrate as he spoke. “The meal was good. But I would meet this Madam you spoke of. I grow restless in this confined space.”

The twins stood to attention at once, both smiling.

“Of course,” Wren motioned for him to go up the stairs. “We would hate for you to be uncomfortable.”

“Indeed,” Raven followed the creature as it moved with uncommon grace up the stairs. “We hope you will find your lodging in the mountains to be much more to your taste.”

“Mountains, yes,” the dragon hummed, and the windows shook in their frames. “This place will make a fine new home.”

The twins both sighed in relief.


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