Just in Case

“There’s something you should know, in case I don’t come back.”

The recording was a little scratchy, the voice that spilled out of the beat-up speakers awkwardly clipped where the CD had become scratched. The smile that beamed out of the cracked screen was just as beautiful as always, although fuzzier than the first dozen times he had played the recording. The video jumped when he audio cut out, always in the same six places, the six places he had committed to memory. Always when her lips moved without sound for a second before it synced up once more.

The video froze as she laughed, tears rolling down her face, frozen in a heartbreaking painting of pain and joy swirling into the same expression. He felt his own tears start to fall as the video and audio synced up perfectly, crystal clear, and he mouthed her last words for the last time.

“I love you.”


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