Fire Sale {Part One}

Purple eyes scanned the milling crowd as the boy stood by the entrance to the restaurant and waited for his brother. A hand popped out of the crowd suddenly, waiving emphatically, and Raven waved back in a more sedate manner, chuckling as Wren fought his way through the crowd to join him. He had several scrolls in his arms and a bulging rucksack, but no leash.

Wren offered him a shy grin as the older boy raised an eyebrow at him, expression telling of his disapproval.

“I couldn’t find a Dragon on sale. I couldn’t even find an egg.” Wren defended himself instantly, clutching the papers to his chest.

“Were you really looking? They are not exactly easy to miss.” Raven opened the restaurant’s door, shooing his brother in first.

“Tell me about it! This market sure isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” Wren scuttled inside, nodding to the waiter that greeted them.

Once they were seated and had ordered, Raven continued the conversation, pulling Wren back from his glee over his new-found maps. The younger boy reluctantly stowed them away as Raven opened his mouth, picking up where they had left off.

“If we go back home without a Dragon, Madam will not be happy.”

“…We could pretend,” Wren suggested, earning himself a swift kick to the shin. “Or not! Or we could come clean and say the market was terribly lacking in Dragon-based items.”

“We will just have to try another dimension,” Raven glanced at the maps.  “Tell me you have the coordinates to somewhere interesting in there.”

Wren pulled out the maps again, handing them to his brother. “Sure they sound interesting, but I don’t know that there would be Dragons. I didn’t get to read up on them before I came… Someone was being pushy about lunch.”

Raven shot a look over the top of the maps, but made no move to administer more punishment via kicks under the table.

“Why don’t we try this one?” He flattened one of the maps out onto the table, tracing along the mountain ranges that covered the northern half of the mainland.

“It looks kind of boring.”

“But those mountains must be hiding something. Come on, we can go after lunch and be back by yesterday morning. We have to try, at the very least.”

Wren rolled his eyes, but his grin belied the exasperated sigh he let out. “Oh fine, drag me on adventures, why don’t you!”

Raven chuckled, rolling up the map once more. “Please. As if I believe your complaints for a second.”


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