Season 3, Episode 20

I had another episode today. The usual. Waterworks in the kitchen and a lot of hugs from mom. It could have been worse, of course, but it wasn’t pretty the way it was. I spent the rest of the day hiding in my room pretending the world didn’t exist and wishing the ground would swallow me.

Part-way through the day I finally got my medication in me, and the emotions stopped doing their signature spiral move. I still hid in my room, but the voices stopped jeering, and the world stopped spinning, and the tears finally stopped falling, so I counted it as a win. Dad brought me a liquid, milk-and-chocolate kind of medicine to make me feel better. It worked.

I had forgotten how much my parents love me. It was nice to have such a sweet reminder. Pep-talks and ice-cream make the world a brighter place.

The pit in my stomach isn’t any smaller, but the emotions have settled down now. No other episodes, today.


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