Little One

Little One,
There is so much I wish I could say:
So many things I want to warn you of,
To tell you to avoid and hide from.
There is so much pain I wish
I could spare you from.

Little One,
There will be boys who catch your eye
Beware their sweetened lies
They will bait  you, hurt you, make you cry.
But never fear, there’s a knight on the horizon.
He’ll comfort your heart.

Little One,
There will be mirrors and barriers you’ll have to break,
Hearts too.
There will be nights you cry till you think you’ll break.
And some nights you will.
There’ll be pain, blood, and tears.
There will be fear.

Little One,
You have so much further to go,
Don’t give up hope.
Know the pain will eventually pass,
And when it does, you can breathe at last.
You’ll be free, a legend all your own,
One of these days, when you’re grown.

Little One,
Know I wish I could spare you all the hurt, pain, tears, and regret.
Know I wish there was a way I could make you forget
The way people will treat you, hurt you, pull you down.
Know you must keep your chin up, so the crown won’t fall.
Know that one day it will be worth it all.

Little One,
I wish I could have told you this sooner,
When it would make a change.
I wish someone would have told me all this when I was your age.
I wish I could see the hope and wonder in your eyes.

I write this, Little One,
As a warning from a friend.
I write to tell you:
I’m who you’ll be in the end.


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