“I’ll Be By Your Side”

“Little One…? Why are you…?”

“I’m not crying.”


“Okay, maybe I am a little.”

“Please tell me what the matter is.”


“I cannot fix it, if you do not talk to me.”

“I just wanted to hide, Constantine… That’s all.”

“May I hide with you?”


“Thank you. …This is a very nice place to hide, you know.”


“Comforting. …Would you like the lights on?”

“No. The dark is…quiet.”

“Come here, Little One.”


“There, isn’t that better? Now no one can see your face.”

“Your shoulders are oddly large.”

“It’s so I can bear all your cares.”

“I’m sorry there are so many.”

“There’s no need to apologize. I have broad shoulders expressly for that purpose: so that your delicate frame will not have to bend under the strain of your worries and woes.”

“…You should talk more.”

“As you like, Little One.”


“Yes, Mizuki?”

“Please don’t leave.”

“I won’t, Little One. I’ll be by your side until you bid me leave you… And even then I won’t stray far.”


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