“She Needs A Doctor.”

“She needs a doctor.”

“There’s no time for that.”


“Wren, you know I’m right.”

“…I know.”

“She will be alright. Give it a few minutes, then we can storm the battlements.”

“Battlements? Isn’t that a bit harsh? It’s just a bedroom.”

“It is her bedroom.”

“Point taken… Did she say where it hurt?”

“Head, heart, pit of stomach.”



“A doctor won’t fix that.”

“Her last one could have.”

“Remember how that ended? That would hurt even more.”

“Of course… We’ll have to bring one in.”

“Will she let us?”

“She will have to. We were charged with her safety; not helping her would contradict that order.”

“I’ll get the chalk. We’ll need to jump a couple worlds to find him.”

“And quickly. She needs comfort soon.”

“Time isn’t an issue, and you know it, dummy. We’ve traveled more than enough to know how to get around that pesky thing.”

“Well we should hurry anyway, or we might not catch her a doctor at all.”


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