Dominam Nostram

O’ Domina, with hair of strawberry
Fields in fullest bloom. We love you.
It may not be a love that is jovial or merry,
But Madam, there’s no doubt our love is true.
Your tender heart will by our boon,
Your sweet words and cupid-bow smiles
That always reflect your gentle, silver heart:
A woman with the quiet beauty of the moon.
A woman who has faced so many trials;
A woman who took her scars and made them art.

You, Madam, pearl among the swine,
A lady so precious, so rare a find,
A being so impossible to define.
A creature of wonder and wishes with a beautiful mind.
Emerald eyes that see with a Witch’s Soul,
Always learning, observing, understanding it all.
A Thousand-Years Child who can still be lost
In the dance of raindrops. Whose heart will toll
In the wingbeats of a hummingbird, beats that never stall.
Who breaks and bleeds for love, no matter the cost.

You, graceful fighter, who uses words
As your weapon of choice. Always eloquent,
But not always nice! Never one for swords,
But always with sharp with and sharp intent.
We stand guard, silent, by your side,
Ready to protect you from the world
That seeks to squelch the cosmos of your mind.
So with us, Madam, you may always hide.
We sat and watched as your dreams unfurled,
Tried to show you that some love is kind.

Your world is a galaxy or creativity;
A blank canvas awaiting your brush.
A realm where you play, boundless and free,
Somewhere your worries fade to a hush.
This beautiful world you’ve drafted
For us, our refuge and strength, here
We will stay by your side, forevermore—
They may laugh at all that you’ve crafted,
But they’ve never seen the real you, dear.
They’ve no idea what you have in store.


2 thoughts on “Dominam Nostram

    1. I wanted to explore describing a person through organic aspects that tie into their personality, as well as writing a “love letter” to one person from a group of people. It was a lot of fun to write, Odes are one of my favorite forms of poetry to play with.

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