The 8th Adventure

It had been an entirely unplanned please.
He chased her, wooed her, asked for her hand: “Please?”

But forever had ended far too soon—
“My Love, do not leave me in this land, please.”

He wept awhile over her grave, fingers
lost in her hair; stroking each long strand—“Please!”

They had ruled together, both just and good,
Without her, he found life to be bland—“Please.”

A voyage would be taken, like her life,
The boat, but for him, would be: “Unmanned, please.”

The crossing was difficult, deadly, long;
He begged an answer from that land—“Please?”

He found her wandering, lost and alone—
“My Darling, My Love; just take my hand, please.”

She was far weaker in this place, though real—
“My Precious King, would you help me stand, please?”

Sailor, Voyager, King of Seven Seas
He dared ask Death for her to unhand—“Please?”

Death made a deal with them, a truce was struck;
From his shores they were forever banned—“Please.”

The journey home was long and very loud—
“Life with you My Queen will be most grand.”—“Please!”

He carried her ashore in his arms, thrilled
‘Till she did plead—“Let me feel the sand, please?”

As the palace came into view, he said:
“What a life, Farah, from an unplanned please.”


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