Masked faces and swirls of color
the ballroom glimmers,
each lie hidden by another
with every word morality grows dimmer.

Secrets are safely kept
hidden from view by a disguise,
across the ballroom the dancers swept
here they make art from lies.

A new mask enters the hall,
sudden and unwanted,
the dancers halt the ball
their disdain now flaunted.

A mask of red assaults their eyes,
a scarlet stain on their gilt desire
the crowd parts as each dancer tries
to keep in the fury of their ire.

A hand is given in silent plea,
an invitation to dance,
the mask of red looks on me
I try for escape but have no chance.

The dancers continue as before,
the music plays and steps are executed,
although I know not what lies in store
this new partner and I are well suited.

We spin and weave with measured grace
his eyes burn with a light unknown,
this mask of red that hides his face
I wish what lies beneath would be shown.

My partner leads me through the crowd
my apprehension rises,
my heart starts to beat loud,
and these confines my soul despises.

The music fades as the dance ceases,
the crowd has vanished; washed away
and I am left to pick up the pieces
as the red mask turns I call for him to stay.

The pain, he promises, will fade with time,
but I worry I need the hurt too much,
the dance is over and the trick sublime
he graces me with a smile; a gentle touch.

I lose the bliss of innocent eyes,
as scales fall away too soon
all these masks and all these lies
hold for my wounded heart no boon.


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