House of Loose Silk

The window, a portal I peer in,
Offers me a world of decadence.
Smoke swirls, sickly-sweet to hide their sin.
I sharply inhale; my muscles tense.

Silk swirls around slim, milky-white limbs,
Black satin hair laden with jeweled trinkets,
Fragile bodies cater to wicked whims,
Scarlet lips smile, holding back secrets.

Red lights dance over each baishunfu*
Flirting out from parasols and fans
(Some old and calm, some jumpy and new),
One glances up and sees where I stand.

A seductive smile, a finger crooks,
I am trapped by the House of Loose Silk.
They hook me with sinful words and sly looks,
Cheated by these women and their ilk.

My sensibilities insulted,
I struggle to break myself free.
I turn my head, eyes now averted;
I desperately try not to see.

*Japanese: Prostitute


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