What I Miss

Imagine a society with all of history’s cordiality, and today’s conveniences. Your friends would gossip for days about that wink you got with your coffee, and you’d better hope your parents didn’t hear about you talking to that boy alone.

I miss the ballrooms and glittering smiles, the coveted conversations in dark corners and cloak rooms, the sheer impropriety of a man seeing you home alone! I miss the covert glances shared over banquet tables and dance floors, the thrill of his lips against the back of your hand, and the pure delight of a deep bow and a sincere “good night”.

That, above all else, is what I miss. Not the ranks of class, or the restrictions of society, and notthe corsets… But the chivalrous, gracious affections of a man truly determined to win a woman’s heart for a lifetime, not just a few hours. 

That is what I miss.


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