“Watch the World Burn”

“What are you doing up here?”

“Watching the world burn.”

“Seems like a lame excuse to burn your retinas.”

“Have you ever watched a world burn before? It’s actually kinda beautiful… Come on, have a look.”


“Just one look. It won’t kill you.”

“It might.”

“Aww, you’re frightened. That’s cute.”

“Shut up!”

“Ha! Fine, fine, I won’t make you look… But you’re missing out.”

“You’re weird.”

“Look at the big man, making rude comments. It’s not like you.”

“And since we’re on the subject, when did you get so morbid and introverted?”


“Okay, you’re right. You’ve always been that way.”

“Good boy.”

“…Is it really worth watching?”

“Oh yeah. It’s like a bonfire, but better. All the reds and oranges… And then it’ll hit some chemical refinery or something and you get this burst of neon green or purple. It’s beautiful.”

“I liked the water better.”

“Forty days is a long time to tread water.”


“I never claimed my sense of humor was matured… Just mature.”



“…Can I sit with you?”

“Of course. Want some booze? Makes the blaze look prettier.”

“No thanks… How do you even see it through this heat haze?”

“Really good eyes… You sure you don’t want any? It’s the last bottle on earth. Seems a shame to drink it alone.”

“Fine, give it here.”

“Good boy.”

“…You plan on going back through when this is all over?”

“Walking through the ashes, you mean? No. What’s dead should stay dead.”

“Already stealing lines? Yikes, that didn’t take long.”

“Watch it. I’ll push you off this building.”


“I’d still enjoy it.”

“Why won’t you go walking?”

“There’s no point. It’ll be ash and charred earth. No life. No hope. No her.”



“No, you’re right… It’s just sad, isn’t it? All of this for a world that used to be beautiful.”

“Yeah, I know… Welcome to the apocalypse, baby.”


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