Vampire {Kisses Collection}

A Vampire Kiss…

It was a cold morning, with snow drifting past the window and clear sunlight making it all glitter like diamonds. He was minding his own business, standing with his back to the rest of the room and his eyes trained on the window, when he heard footsteps sound across the wooden floor.

Warm hands slipped around his waist, folding themselves gently over his stomach as a sigh gusted past his ear. The girl behind him pressed closer, shivering slightly, and held on tighter as she watched the snow fall.

He opened his mouth to say good morning, to welcome her out of the world of sleep, but a soft press of lips to his pulse cut him off. They lingered for a moment, a smile tugging at her lips, and then her chin plopped onto his shoulder and she hummed softly.

“Good morning, my little vampire.” He teased softly, chuckling. 

 …A Kiss on the Neck.


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