Simple {Kisses Collection}

A Simple Kiss…

It was such a simple motion, to be honest. A simple movement of one person shifting toward the other, a slight tipping of heads in opposite directions, one hand alighting on a shoulder, the other on the back of a neck, and then…

The pressure was slight, at first, and then it increased gradually as the two participants lingered in the embrace. A slight shift made it more comfortable, and a sigh was given in appreciation. Fingers rubbed into flesh gently, soothingly, and a low hum rumbled softly from one chest into the other.

Slowly, tentatively, they parted, curious eyes looking into one another for confirmation that it had been well executed, well received. A smile was given then, when they both realized it had been a success, and a chuckle was coaxed from the throat of one of them.

“Was that alright?”

“That was simply perfect.” 

…A Kiss on the Lips.


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