Shy {Kisses Collection}

A Shy Kiss…

It was a quiet night, save for the wind whistling through the streets just outside the little shop, and the proprietor was going through inventory for the end of the night. He was so caught up in his dusty tomes, in fact, that he didn’t hear his visitor arrive, or sit at his desk, or promptly flop over the top of it tiredly.

It was not until he turned around, making a note about acquiring more books on mythology and folklore, that he noticed the redhead now asleep at his desk. Her arms were folded under her head, her expression perfectly relaxed. He hummed softly, pulling the jacket from the back of the chair up over her shoulders carefully.

He paused before he pulled away entirely, sparing the interior of the shop a glance before he kissed her cheek lightly, smiling as she sighed in her sleep. One little kiss, after all, couldn’t hurt.

…A Kiss on the Cheek.


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