Seven Days of Sci-Fi {Day Two}

Dax followed Toni down a flight of stairs and into the back room of the shop. The Microlith was a hole-in-the-wall place, but no one had ancient or vintage items in better condition.

“Remind me again why we’re here?” Dax prompted his partner as she started looking through the racks of clothes that inhabited one wall.

“We need an upgrade.” Toni replied. “Something that says ‘we got what you need’. Ya know?”

“What’s wrong with what we got?” He asked, glancing down at himself. “I like my clothes.”

“You’re fine, I guess.” Toni glanced his way. “But as the face of this operation, I need a little more pizazz.”

Dax wanted to argue that there was nothing wrong with his pizzazz, whatever that meant, but Toni let out a triumphant cry as she pulled something from the rack, and his train of thought was completely derailed.

“What are those?” He asked, staring at what she was holding.

“They’re called blue jeans.” She held them against herself, looking at them closely. “They used to be all the rage, back on earth.”

“Did they always look so ragged?” He asked, eyeing the strategically placed holes.

“It’s part of the design.” Toni turned and headed for the dressing room. “Look around— you might even find something you like.”

Dax glanced toward the opposite rack, catching sight of another pair of ancient blue jeans. The tag even said they were in his size. He wandered over to them, considering them for a moment before he pulled them off the rack to get a better look.

“A little more pizzazz, huh?”


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