Seven Days of Sci-Fi {Day Three}

“Toni, we’ve got a problem.” Dax poked his head through the curtains that led to the back room. “There’s someone here barking about being sold a faulty part.”

“Oh, it’s that snake Verges again, isn’t it?” Toni’s head popped up from behind a box of wires, her goggles obscuring her eyes from view. “He always says things like that…”

Dax cringed as Toni stood, pulling off her gloves and throwing them onto the box. She pushed her goggles onto the top of her head, growling.

“I don’t care what the Council says— that man deserves to be put down…” She grabbed her gun as she walked past him, shoving it into the holster on her thigh. “There’s nothing wrong with that hyperspace anti-matter induction coil. He’s just ornery!”

Dax followed her back into the front of the shop, careful to keep his distance. Toni made a great partner, but she wasn’t the kind of woman he wanted to get on the wrong side of.

“Ah, Miss Antonia!” Verges smiled like a snake, every “s” he spoke a hiss. “That coil you sole me is—”

Toni drew her gun, aiming it between Verges’ eyes. “Okay, here’s how this is gonna go.” She smiled pleasantly. “You’re going to stop trying to get me to take back faulty parts that I didn’t sell you to begin with, especially when the ones I did sell you work beautifully; and I’ll let you walk out of here without extra holes.”

“B-but that’s—” Verges stuttered.

“That’s alternative compensation.” Toni cut him off. “Shut-up and take it or so help me I’m putting a laser blast between your eyes.”

Verges snatched up his hyperspace anti-matter induction coil and scuttled out of the shop with a whimper.

“Remind me to never make you mad.” Dax muttered, eyeing her as she holstered her gun again.

“Just don’t try to con me.” Toni grumbled, heading back through the curtains into the storeroom. “And don’t call me Antonia!”


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