Seven Days of Sci-Fi {Day Six}

“Look at this stuff! It’s ancient!” Toni was gushing over the items in the case, completely enthralled.

“Then why do you find it so cool?” Dax asked, eyeing the items curiously. “It’s practically prehistoric.”

“That’s why it’s so cool!” Toni leaned in closer to inspect one item in particular. “Do you know how rare it is to find one of these iron sideshows nowadays? There’s hardly any of it left.”

“For good reason.” Dax snorted, shaking his head.

He lifted his eyebrows at one piece in particular. He wasn’t sure what it had initially been, but it looked like a chaotic cricket to him.

“Don’t be such a downer— things like this are cool to me. Next time you find something cool and unusual that you like, we’ll stop and gawk at that, too.” Toni grinned. “Sound like a plan, sourpuss?”

Dax stuck his tongue out at her and laughed. “Yeah, sounds like a plan.”


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