Seven Days of Sci-Fi {Day Seven}

“Oh that miserable little harpy!” Toni growled. “I’ll kill her for letting my car float off!”

“Would you calm down?” Dax watched her pace back and forth across the docking bay floor. “It was a broken tether, you heard her.”

“Tractor beams don’t break!” Toni snapped. “The get deactivated!”

Dax sighed, running his hands through his hair. “Toni, it’s just a car— we can get another one.” He reminded her. “There was nothing important in there, right? So all is not lost.”

“You’re right.” She flung herself into the seat next to him, sighing. “I just really liked it.”

Dax laughed. “Yeah, me too… But it’s just a car. It’s not like we lost the shop.”

“Don’t even joke about that.” Toni shuddered. “That’s my baby. I’d do anything to keep her safe.”

Dax relaxed back into his seat, smiling. Toni had literally raised that shop from the ground, building it carefully over the years until it was the grand little mess it was now. Their whole lives were packed in boxes in the back room. It was home, for both of them.

“Wanna get back to it, then?” He asked; standing and offering her his hand.

She grinned, nodding. “Yeah— can’t keep baby waiting.”


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