Seven Days of Sci-Fi {Day One}

“Come on, let’s just split— The fish aren’t biting tonight.” Dax hugged his jacket tighter around himself, shivering in the cold.

“We’re leaving when I say so and not a moment before.” Toni replied, not looking at her partner.

The dingy little alley in which they stood housed several neon signs advertising pleasure, pain, and everything in-between.  The one thing it didn’t hold was the crossed arm and leg beneath a lidless eye— the trademark of any prosthesis peddler.

“Toni, it’s too late for anyone to be looking to buy.” Dax chipped in again, eyeing the furry, larval things that writhed in their clear cases by Toni’s feet.

“It’s never too late, on this side of town.” Toni snapped, shifting her weight onto the other leg. “Just give it time.”

Dax opened his mouth to protest, but the sound of high-heels on pavement stopped him short.

“You got lashes?” The newcomer asked. She was about six inches taller than she had any right to be, her heels painfully high, and her current lashes were a vibrant shade of pink.

“What kind you want?” Toni asked, keeping her face carefully blank.

“Extra-long— Rainbows if you have ‘em, lime if you don’t.” The girl inspected her nails, waiting for another let down by another vender.

“We’ve got rainbows.” Toni replied, smiling smugly as she bent to pull the appropriate case from the hive by her feet. “Two-thousand credits for a set.”

“I’ll take two.” She rummaged in the pill box that passed as a purse and pulled out her card, handing it to Dax.

He scanned it, a little dazed over the sale, and Toni forked over the two sets.

“You here most nights?” The girl asked, peeling off her current lashes, the things curling up as they lost the warmth of their previous home. She pulled out one of the rainbows, the multicolored spines quivering as its legs squirmed in anticipation.

“Every other week, from nine to one.” Toni replied promptly.

“I’ll spread the word.” She smiled, lips and eyes shifting color to accommodate her new lashes.

Dax watched her stalk away, shivering from something other than the cold. “This is a gross profession.” He stated flatly.

“Least it pays the bills.” Toni replied. “But hey, now we can split.”


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