Seven Days of Sci-Fi {Day Four}

“This was a terrible idea.” Toni muttered under her breath, fluffing her pillow before she flopped against it. “I’ll only say this once… You were right.”

Dax grinned behind his muffler, winking at her. “I’ll only say this once… I told you so.”

She nudged him in the ribs and his grin widened. “It’s only because we need the money.” She muttered, tightening her scarf and tucking the loose ends into her coat front.

“Admit it; this is cause Sol is here.” Dax teased her.

“His name is Solaris, and that is not why!” She snapped back. “24 hours snow camping in the holo-deck for 24 million credits? Why not!”

Dax snorted. “Until we had to hike through a hardcore holo-deck with rival factions, real risks, and altering terrain, you mean?”

“What sort of sick mind came up with this anyway?” Toni grumbled.

“The Council?” Dax offered, chuckling. “But come on, this is fun!” He waved his wrist under her nose, showing off the issued bracelet that heightened the holo-deck experience. Real pain, real anxiety, real everything.

“You’re weird.” Toni said flatly. “It’s not fun… But it’s so worth it for the new storefront and cash bonus… We’re movin’ up in the world, Dax. Movin’ right up to the stars…”


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