Seven Days of Sci-Fi {Day Five}

The lift whirred softly as it climbed higher into the building, streaks of light the only real indication of movement. The hotel was the proud owner of a five-star rating, and more floors than Dax could keep track of.

“There’s no way this is legit.” He muttered for the third time since they had entered the lift.

“Will you quit with your conspiracy theories?” Toni nudged him, frowning. “Stop complaining, this is a real treat.”

“This is a real something.” He grumbled. “I just don’t know what, yet.”

The lift doors opened, depositing them onto the 119th floor, where all the luxury suites were. Toni dragged Dax out, shouldering her bag and smiling at the view that greeted them from the balcony.

“Oh, I could get used to this.” Toni whispered, eyes widening as she tried to drink it all in.

“Please don’t.” Dace said, standing beside her. “I like our bungalow back in town.”

“I don’t mean permanently, but it’s a nice treat every now and then.” Toni smiled. “I like it back home too.”

“I still say there’s something not-on about all this.” Dax sighed. “I mean, who gives out nine luxury suites for free, anyway? It’s weird.”

“They were given out at random.” Toni reminded him.

At random.” He repeated, encasing the phrase with air-quotes. “Sure they were.”

“What, are you saying this is some weird form of coercion?” Toni asked, eyebrows rising. “Strangest way of twisting someone’s arm I’ve ever heard of.”

“I know you think I’m being paranoid, but just think about it for a second.” Dax looked at her, frowning. “We win a new storefront, and two days later we just happen to win two nights in this place? Does that seem right to you?”

She ruffled his hair, grinning. “It seems awesome to me.”


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