“Setting Bones”


“Hold still, Nightshade, or this will never work.”

“It isn’t working now!”

“Because you keep fidgeting! Now hush, I’m trying to set the bone…”

“…It’s not that big of a deal.”

“Yes it is. You can’t fly without your wings, and you’re no good to us grounded. So shut up and sit still.”

“Oh, Edmond, I love it when you get all demanding like that!”


“Sorry, sorry, I’ll hold still.”

Thank you.”

“…I do have four other wings, you know. Losing two of them isn’t that big of a deal.”

“You hardly made your landing when you came back. I saw you collapse when you got back, Nightshade— Don’t try to lie to me.”

“I wasn’t lying. I was just pointing out that I’m not completely useless when I’m a bit bruised.”

“Your top set of wings are broken in four places.”

Ugh, would you just— ouch!

“I told you to hold still.”

“You didn’t have to… holy—“

“Two down…”

“Can’t you just heal them? You were the one who learned all of that…”

“This is different. I have to hold them in place while they set.”

“…You always manage to put me back together.”

“I try.”

“Hey, Edmond, could you— for the love of—! Warn me next time!”

“Sorry… This is easier if I don’t give you a heads-up. You always move when I do.”

“Because it hurts.”

“I know… I’ll make it better, I promise.”

“…Yeah, I know. You always do.”


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