Protective {Kisses Collection}

A Protective Kiss… 

 She was still shaking, even after several minutes of being sheltered in his arms. Normally things like that, a not-so-savory speech, didn’t get to her. She just blocked them out, shut them away, pretended she was somewhere else… But she hadn’t been able to run this time. She’d been stuck without any means of escape, and now…

He smoothed his hand down her back again, rocking her gently to a tune neither of them could actually hear. He usually didn’t intrude into her room, but then he’d heard her crying, and, well… “Hush now, don’t cry.” He whispered softly. “You’re safe, little one— safe and sound here with me.” He pulled her a little closer, smiling when she wrapped her arms around him in return. “I’ll keep you safe, I promise.” He kissed her forehead, pouring all he wanted to say, but couldn’t, into that simple motion. “I’ll protect you.”

…A Kiss on the Forehead.


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