A lot of things had changed over the years, how many people the household consisted of, where the Mansion was located, the size and shape of the building, the grounds that surrounded it, even the lady in question herself. But there were certain constants that remained, well, constant, and because of that order was maintained in the house… Well, for the most part.

Chaos occasionally rampaged, and sometimes it even had help, but that was to be expected in a house that contained as many different entities as this one did. There had been simpler times, of course, when nothing more than Angels had haunted the halls and kept quiet except for when the girl they looked after needed words of comfort. But their numbers had grown, and now other creatures cared for the lady along with the first two, and the host had changed in origins.

Mercenaries and monsters lurked in the corners of the girl’s sanctuary now, and what had once been a two-person entourage had become an eleven-member circus. Creatures of legend and myth ran amok in her world, and she turned a blind eye on their sordid pasts because she needed them now. She needed the comfort they gave her and the companionship, she needed the advice and abilities that they would share… She needed all of them.

And they needed her as well. They needed someone who could keep an open mind and simply smile when they came to her with a strange request, or tried to apologize for a mishap that they had made. And she always forgave them and granted their wishes, because they always did the same for her. They were her protectors, and she was theirs. She watched over them in the same way that they watched over her, and when things were rough, she was there to smooth them out once more. She was the constant in all their lives, the common factor that had brought them all together in the first place, and held them all together despite their differences.

She was their Madam.


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