Here There Be Monsters

Cool grey eyes surveyed the penned-in area, the man they belonged to trying to keep an eye on all the other creatures that ran rampant around the interior of the fence. It wasn’t an easy job, not by a long shot, but it was one that needed to be done, and he was actually well suited for it, so he did it without complaint.

He sat on the far left side of the open area, watching carefully for any foul play amongst the ones under his care, arms folded over his chest and posture relaxed. This early in the week they hadn’t worked up enough tension to really be a problem, but sometimes there were renegades who just liked to stir up trouble because they could.

One such renegade was currently making a racket by the north corner of the fence, and the man looked that way with a raised eyebrow, curious over the cause of the din. He tried not to roll his eyes when he realized the ruckus was over a female, and the smaller male trying to protect her from the bully. Their watcher stood and moved towards the three of them, his height and build alone enough to intimidate most adults his size, let alone these little pipsqueaks.

“We have a problem here?” He asked, purposefully gearing his voice into a lower note so as to make the bully jump from the sudden, gravely interruption.

He squeaked, spinning around and staring up at the man. He worked his mouth to no avail, and all it took to have him scurrying off was a raised eyebrow from the man.

As soon as he had run off, the man’s posture relaxed, and he knelt next to the girl and her brother. “You better be more careful.” He instructed, ruffling their hair with a fond smile. He jerked his head to one side, indicating the rest of the playground and the little children that filled it. “Out here there be monsters.”


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