Clockwork Creation

Cogs were laced together with minuscule filaments, the inner-workings of the mechanism finer than spider’s silk and ten times as strong. The movements of the contraption were seamless, a perfect ballet as they whirred and hummed when they were put into motion. The base of the creation was now complete, but it had to be dressed properly before it was finished.

Well-practiced hands stayed steady as copper was heated and beaten into a new shape, thin strips set atop one another in order to create a perfect layering effect. Porcelain was shaped into delicate dimensions, pieced together masterfully to create a shape both pleasing and perfectly balanced. Jade was cut and carved and then set in place, soft in their expression, but bright in their intent. From amid the sea of cream and copper, they caught ones attention and held it, transfixed. Paints were mixed and applied and soon colors blossomed across a once frigid face and lips. Velvet was cut and shaped and sewn, and then draped over the now finished form, the pale green of the dress a perfect complement to the jade eyes.

Wings of gossamer were stretched painstakingly over another skeleton of metal before they were set just behind the shoulder blades of the figure being built, giving a soft little flutter as they cogs clicked into place and took on new life. The new creature could wing its way higher up into the air, fluttering for a moment before it came back down to earth and rested barefoot on its dais once more.

Placed upon a pedestal for the entire world to see, her lips never quite smiling; her eyes bright and burning, was one of the Master’s finest creations. Porcelain skin so delicate and un-kissed by the sun, copper hair gleaming with a light that was almost own, jade eyes flashing and winking and drawing you in… Never before had there been a more perfect doll.


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