Beneath These Bones

It’s an odd sort of ache that starts just behind my ribcage, somewhere in the vicinity of my heart, and it simply spreads from there.

I’m used to the sensation in all its different forms. The chilling ache that’s from fear, the warm throb from love, and this one; the one that is nothing more than painfully apparent in my bones because it’s from worry.

I used to push the sensation away, back when I still could, but now it won’t leave, and I can no longer find the strength to banish it. Before I can collect my thoughts enough to rid myself of it, it has spread to the surrounding area, making the whole of my chest ache with the sensation.

My shoulders instinctively curl in, in an attempt to relieve the pressure, but it doesn’t work. Before I know it, it has spread even farther, and now the rest of my body responds to it as well. My stomach churns, my skull throbs, and my mind is lost amid a sea of treacherous thoughts.

It’s pointless to try and hide it, but I do not wish to make others feel this way as well, and so I keep it to myself. It eats away at me from the inside, a burning taste of bile in the back of my throat, and it’s inescapable.

Beneath these bones a storm rages, and I am caught at its center as I try to whether it and come out alive on the other side.


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