Scarlet Stars

Starlight glimmered in the vast ocean of midnight space, the small ship bobbing along in orbit, engines rumbling warmly as the shutters shielded the pilot from prying eyes. Lights blinked in lazy rhythms, a heartbeat to show the passing cargo cruisers that it and the pilot were still alive. Several inquisitive passersby had already attempted to make contact with the ship, but had been met with silence.

On the inside of the shutters, condensation ran in little rivers of warm water, dripping down onto the floor of the ship. Curled at the center of the command deck, draped over the Captain’s chair, lay a long, slumbering figure.

Ebony hair pooled over her arms and rippled along the curve of her back, her breathing deep and even. The bright red of her skin contrasted with the black of her surroundings. A long, barbed tail flickered back and forth, her fingers twitching as she dreamed.

Another hail reached her ship, and her eyes fluttered open. Slitted pupils scanned over the console until they landed on the single flashing light. She uncurled from her position shifting sinuously out of the chair and over to the console, stretching out to depress the COMM button.

“This had better be important.”

Fall Into the Sea

Once, my love, when you fell into the sea–
And that horrid tide took you away from me

I searched the waves for any sign,
But soon knew you’d drowned in the brine.

I spent my life by the shore,
Wishing for our times before–

But lost, my love, below the waves–
You joined brave sailors in their watery graves.

That horrid tide took you from me–
Once, my love, when you fell into the sea.

Yellow Brick Road

Scarecrow, yes, he got his brain
So he’ll never want for knowledge again–
He knows Aristotle and Arithmetic,
His brain just keeps going– Just won’t quit!
And although dear Scarecrow’s learned a lot,
There is one thing, now, that he’s forgot–
For as his brain gets more smart,
Scarecrow forgets he has a heart.

And Tinman’s finally full of feelings,
He can laugh and cry like real human beings.
He feels things now he never felt before–
The thrill of love, the want for more–
But dear Tinman, lost in emotion,
Got all caught up in true love’s devotion
Not so bad a thing, that’s true–
But Tinman will outlive the one who said “I do”.

Guts he found, that weren’t there before–
Then a hunger for battle, a thirst for war.
Your people, your people, they no longer sing,
Not of their cowardly Lion, nor courageous king.
Instead they weep for what they had–
A cowardly Lion, melancholy & sad.
A gentle ruler, timid and mild–
Not this monster, ruthless & wild.

And Dorthy hides, now, all alone,
Clicks her heels, and thinks of home.
Ruby slippers, long since shattered,
Taking with them the things that mattered.
No more witches, good ones or bad
All just memories, some happy some sad.
She dreams of all that she had before–
She dreams of not being in Kansas anymore.

Fire Sale {Part Seven}

“Why are there two?”

Wren glanced at his brother from the corner of his eye, trying to gauge his reaction to the (perfectly legitimate) question they had just been asked by their Madam. When he saw the slight jump in Raven’s jaw, he knew that his brother was trying to keep his laughter in check, so Wren jumped in to respond.

“Because we… sort of got another one?” He ended lamely, shrugging.

“Why?” She pressed, looking past the boys to the patio, where the new arrival was talking animatedly to Drayce.

“Because he just sort of…appeared.” Raven answered, glancing behind himself to the window, frowning when Drayce sent him a sly wink.

“Un-huh.”She deadpanned, looking between the two of them.

“I believe she expects us to, well, negotiate.” Raven supplied, looking to his brother.

“Yes, but last week a dragon almost set my hair on fire, so it’s your turn to negotiate.” Wren shot back.

“Oh for goodness’ sake!” She exclaimed, throwing her hands into the air. “I’ll go negotiate!”

She stalked out of the room, muttering under her breath about twins and dragons and flaming hair, and the boys both turned to watch her through the window.

Drayce stood as soon as she appeared in the doorway, the tall brunette bowing his head to her before he turned and motioned to the silver-haired man who had hurried to his feet, smiling brightly as he took their Madam’s hand and kissed the back of it.

He was as tall as Drayce, but with a lither build, his silver hair cut short, where Drayce’s long dark locks tumbled down his back. His skin was almost more tan than Drayce’s, and it stood in stark contrast to his hair and ice-blue eyes.

He talked animatedly to the woman as she joined them at their table, sitting between the two of them, visibly relaxing the longer the three of them chatted.

Raven was just about to suggest that they leave the trio to their own devices, when their Madam stood, and returned inside.

“Well?” Wren prompted. “What’s the verdict?”

“Arian is staying.” She smiled back, clearly pleased with herself. “He’ll be making a nest in the mountains, probably northwest of Drayce’s own. Is that agreeable with everyone?”

Wren and Raven shared a sly grin before schooling their features and looking back to their Madam, speaking in unison.

“Perfectly agreeable, Madam.”